Fire Use & Fuels Management

Resource objectives, prescription parameters, and cost/benefit analyses

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Learning from Escaped Prescribed Fire Reviews. A series of podcasts (compiled 2011-2012 by USFS Joint Fire Science project).


Fire and Invasive Plant Species


Other Fire Use and Fuels Management Resources

Forests and Rangelands provides fire, fuels, and land management information for government officials, land and wildland fire management professionals, businesses, communities, and interested organizations and individuals. Also provides information on the FLAME Act and cohesive wildfire management strategy.

National Fuel Moisture Database. Access data and graphs of soil and fuel moisture.

Fire, Fuel, and Vegetation Sampling Resources

The Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS) developed by the Fire and Environmental Research Applications team (FERA), offers consistently organized fuels data along with numerical inputs to fire behavior, fire effects, and dynamic vegetation models.

Digital Photo Series is another product of FERA that includes a detailed inventory of 43 photo series containing a total of 457 sites in database form to enable searching, downloading, and eventually side-by-side comparisons and customized site generation.