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Research Needs

The Lake States FSC serves as a conduit between fire and resource managers of the Lake States to the JFSP Governing Board. We need your help to identify research needs that can then be compiled and forwarded to the JFSP Governing Board. These needs will then be evaluated by JFSP in conjunction with other research needs identified by the other regional consortia and may be a focus of an upcoming Research Funding Announcement.

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View the Lake States FSC FY11 Research Needs Submission to JFSP

Lake States Fire Science Consortium Bulletins & Guides

One of the objectives of the Lake States FSC is to summarize and synthesize important information related to fire science for the region. This includes highlighting new research findings as well as assisting with the application of these findings in new tools for resource managers and policymakers.

Technical Guides

Ziel, R. 2011. Working with the Great Lakes Fire and Fuels Information System Tools in Lake States Fire Management. Technical Guide 11-1. Lake States Fire Science Consortium, Wooster, OH.

Joint Fire Science Program Research in the Lake States

Since the establishment of the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) in 1998 as an interagency research, development, and applications partnership between the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, JFSP has been funding research on fire science. Specifically, JFSP develops science-based knowledge and tools to support federal, tribal, state, and local agencies and their partners in the following areas:

1) fuel inventory and mapping;
2) fuel treatment planning, scheduling, and risk assessment;
3) fire effects and fire behavior
4) monitoring and evaluation;
5) restoration of fire-adapted ecosystems;
6) post-fire stabilization and rehabilitation;
7) remote sensing; and
8) developing and integrating research information for local land managers.

JFSP has funded 12 projects in the Lake States region, including the Lake States Fire Science Consortium.

Completed projects

The following are JFSP-funded project that have been completed. Link leads to the project website and includes more information on the project including links to papers, reports, websites, and other deliverables.

Characterizing Historic and Contemporary Fire Regimes in the Lake States (Led by D. Cleland; funded 1999)

Managing Fuels and Forest Structure in the Southern Boreal Forest on Minnesota's National Forests (Led by D. Nightingale; funded 2001)

Evaluation of Three Fuel Management Treatments for Eastern White Pine (Led by J. Cook; funded 2001)

Restoration-Based Fuel Reduction Recommendations for Mixed-Pine Forests of Upper Michigan (Led by C. Goebel; funded 2005)

Effects of Blowdown, Salvage Logging, and Wildfire on Regeneration and Fuel Characteristics in Minnesota's Forests (Led by S. Fraver; funded 2008)

Developing a Fire-Science Network and Delivery System for the Northern Lake States (Led by C. Goebel; funded 2009)

Fuel Treatments in Mixed-Pine Forests in the Great Lakes Region: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning (Led by E. Toman; funded 2009)

Integrating Fuels Reduction and Pine Barrens Restoration in Endangered Kirtlands Warbler Habitat Management (Led by G. Corace; funded 2010)

Ongoing projects

Fire-Science Network and Delivery System for Fire-Dependent Ecosystems of the Northern Lake States (Led by C. Goebel; funded 2010)

Effects of Stand-Replacing Wildfire on Ecosystem Carbon Balance in Lake States Jack Pine Forests (Led by D. Rothstein, funded 2010)

Influence of Fuel Moisture and Density on Black Carbon Formation During Combustion of Boreal Peat Fuels (Led by B. Benscoter; funded 2011)

Assessment of Prescribed Fire Emissions and Inventories (Led by N. Larkin; funded 2012)