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The Lake States Fire Science Library provides web features, summaries, syntheses, and links to important publications from key scientists for our region. Among those links, sources for tools and models that apply that fire science are included to help managers explore ways to integrate the science into their practices. Practitioners can use these resources when evaluating current methods and considering new approaches to wildland fire management in the region.

See our Ecosystems page for a description of fire-dependent ecosystems that are the focus of the Lake States Fire Science Consortium.

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LSFSC Publication Database
For peer-reviewed scientific literature and agency publications addressing fire science topics focused on the Lake States region

Fire Ecology & Landscape Classification
Ecosystem classification, fire chronology, history, and succession

Fire Use & Fuels Management
Resource objectives, prescription parameters, and cost/benefit analyses

Fire Effects
Burn severity, vegetative responses, and impacts on animal populations, water, and soil

Fire Danger & Fire Behavior
Fire potential analysis, assessment and projection

Weather, Climate, & Air Quality
Historic trends and forecasting models and tools, smoke management plans and resources

The Human Dimension
How we respond to risk, communicate with others, and make decisions