Fire Ecology & Landscape Classification

Ecosystem classification, fire chronology, history, and succession

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Natural fire regimes in Ontario. 2006.

Pre- and post-European settlement fire history of red pine dominated forest ecosystems of Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Michigan. 2008.

Fire history study reveals surprises about mixed-pine ecology in eastern Upper Michigan. 2011.

Synthesis of knowledge: fire history and climate change. 2011.

A 183-Year History of Fire and Recent Fire Suppression Impacts in Select Pine and Oak Forest Stands of the Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin. 2011.


Variability and Persistence of Post-fire Biological Legacies in Michigan Jack Pine Forests (Feb 2012)

A 350 Year Fire Record in Northern Wisconsin Woodlands (Dec 2011)

LANDFIRE in the Lake States (Oct 2011)


LANDFIRE Resources

Other Fire Ecology Resources

The Drainage Index and Productivity Index. This tool allows users to compare soils qualitatively. It ranks soils ordinally from 0-99 based on the quantity of water that a soil contains and makes available to plants under normal, long-term climatic conditions.

The Great Lakes Ecological Assessment is an interagency effort to collect and consolidate new and existing environmental, biological, and socioeconomic information in the Northern Lake States.