Intern Project Webinars

Webinar Completed
  1. A multi-proxy approach to understanding forested peatland fire regimes across temporal and spatial scales.
  2. Comparison of UAS and IceSat 2.0 LiDAR data for canopy biomass estimates and carbon management.
  3. Remote detection and mapping of understory ladder fuel vegetation on the Superior National Forest.
Webinar TBD 2021
  1. Plant functional traits as indicators of restoration success in pine barrens under prescribed fire management.
  2. Integrating climate, soil and hydrological monitoring data with ecological assessment after prescribed burn in pine woodlands.
  1. Seasonal burning to improve management for brushland-dependent species.
  2. Effects of fire restoration in pine woodlands on the culturally important species: lowbush and velvetleaf blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium and V. myrtilloides).
  1. Prescribed burning to improve management for brushland-dependent species.
  2. Leveraging research and monitoring networks to inform management of at-risk species in the globally rare pine barrens ecosystem.
  3. Reading the rings of red pine to investigate mechanisms of the historic fire regime at Cloquet, Minnesota.
  1. Combined Webinar Title: Restoration of fire-dependent pine barren ecosystems in northern Wisconsin – Bridging the gap between research and management practices.
  1. Response of insectivore pollinators, plant diversity, and fuel loads to a large-scale barren and northern dry forest restoration project in northeasternWisconsin.
  2. An historical lens to investigate changes in the forest structure and fire adaptation of the Great Lakes National Parks.
  1. Restoring barrens and northern dry forests in northeastern Wisconsin.
  2. Can onset of the spring dip in red and jack pine be predicted?
  1. The application of prescribed fire and herbicide to reduce Carex pensylvanica cover at the Newaygo Prairies Research Natural Area, Manistee National Forest, Michigan.
  2. Mapping post-fire jack pine regeneration across a recently-burned area in Northern Lower Michigan to inform Kirtland’s Warbler management.
  3. Impacts of forest fire on mercury concentrations in fish from northern Minnesota lakes - Implications for management.