Partnering with undergraduate students to identify gaps in knowledge

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all Introductory Biology students are required to complete an independent research project. Last fall, four students completed this requirement by participating in the ongoing Consortium "gap-analysis" project with Jessica Miesel, through the Mladenoff Forest Landscape Ecology Lab.

In addition to locating and reviewing published fire science information, each student wrote a paper and produced a research poster on a fire science topic of his or her choice. These projects showed that there is limited availability of regionally-specific fire science information on any given topic, and this limits the ability to conduct meta-analysis research to identify broad regional patterns.

The following posters were developed and presented (click on title to view pdf of poster):

Forrest Howk - Reviewing the effects of fire frequency, intensity and seasonal timing on invasive species in Great Lakes prairies



Sean Rausch - Fire affects vegetation composition in Great Lakes ecosystems



Anum Samdani - Concentrations of particulate matter from wildland fires



Dylan Willis - The use of prescribed fire to control the spread of four dominant invasive plant species in the Great Lakes region