February is JFSP Fuel Treatment Month

As part of the recently updated and launched firescience.gov website, JFSP is highlighting fuel treatments in February. The LSFSC is joining in this effort by highlighting the following publications related to treating fuels that may interest members of the LSFSC.

Ecological Effects of Prescribed Fire Season: A Literature Review and Synthesis for Managers

Tested by Fire: What Happens When Wildfires Meet Fuel Treatments?

Testing the Conventional Wisdom: Fuel Management Approaches for the Central Hardwood Region

ArcFuels: Integrating Wildfire Models and Risk Analysis into Landscape Fuels Management

Low-intensity Fire in Eastern White Pine: A Supporting Role in Understory Diversity

FOFEM: The First-Order Fire Effects Model Adapts to the 21st Century

Filling in the Blanks for Prescribed Fire in Shrublands: Developing Information to Support Improved Fire Planning

WEBOFIRE: Easy Fuels Treatment Planning for the Model-Averse

A New Online Tool and Estimates for Hand-Pile Biomass and Smoke Production

Introducing FuelCalc: A New Tool that Helps Turn Static Inventory Data into Actionable Information

Fire History Study Reveals Surprises about Mixed-pine Ecology in Eastern Upper Michigan

Thumbs Up or Down to Annual Burning of a Tidal Marsh in Maryland?

Optimizing the Location of Fuel Treatments Over Time at Landscape Scales

Evaluating the Effects and Effectiveness of Post-fire Seeding Treatments in Western Forests

Also, don't forget to check out the new JFSP website for more on fuel treatments this February.