LSFSC Intern Program

Training the next generation of fire professionals
to enhance research-management partnerships

The Lake States Fire Science Consortium (LSFSC) is committed to ensuring that the best available science informs planning and management for fire-dependent ecosystems of the northern Lake States region. The LSFSC assists in identifying and filling knowledge gaps so that science informs practice, and vice-versa.

Unfortunately, for many important fire issues, few resources exist to bring managers and scientists together to apply the best available science.

To expose the next generation of natural resource professionals to the value of research partnerships and enhance future opportunities to apply the best available science to management, the LSFSC funds student research internships that address regional fire science and management issues. Internship projects are developed by joint manager-scientist teams.

Past Internships have included fire history, culturally-important species, birds, seedbanks, invertebrates, and overall ecosystem restoration. Projects have focused on dry northern forests, hemiboreal forests, pine forests and barrens, and “brushland” ecosystems. These projects have advanced partnerships and knowledge that will enhance management of fire-dependent ecosystems regionally, and provided training for the next generation of wildland fire professionals in collaboration and communication between researcher and manager communities.

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If you have questions about the LSFSC Intern Program please contact:
Eric Toman, LSFSC Program Director, email; phone 614-292-7313
Jack McGowan-Stinski, LSFSC Program Manager, email; phone 989-287-1734