S-244 Supplemental Material

These video lessons are provided as a supplement to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group's (NWCG) merged Field Observer course:
S-244 Field Observer/Fire Effects Monitor

Click on the lesson to view the video in youtube or click on (zip) to download the presentation files for each lesson.

  1. Policy & Planning (zip)
  2. Documentation/Reports (zip)
  3. Fire Weather (zip)
  4. Fire Behavior (zip)
  5. Fuel Moisture (zip)
  6. Fire Effects (Part 1) (zip)
  7. Fire Effects (Part 2) (zip)
  8. Smoke Observation (zip)

The task book for the positions of Fire Effects Monitor (FEMO) and Field Observer (FOBS) can be found here.

Read about the merger of the Fire Effects Monitor (FEMO) and Field Observer (FOBS) positions and training here.

Contact Jack McGowan-Stinski with questions or problems downloading these files.