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7th Annual Burning Issues Workshop


21st  Michigan Prescribed Fire Council Annual Meeting


Conducted virtually

the mornings of

February 2nd- 3rd- 4th, 2021


Day One - Tuesday February 2, 2021 from 9 AM to 12 PM Eastern

Part One - Panel onWildland Fire COVID Compromises

Panelists –

Kevin Reese, Deputy Fire Staff Officer, USFS - HMNF

Keith Murphy, Fire Management Specialist, MI DNR

Tamiko Rehagen, Volunteer Firefighter, Mattawan Fire Department

Dakota Szczepanski, Wildland Fire Technician – FCTC, Part time firefighter

Kyle Martin, Stewardship Field Manager, Kalamazoo Nature Center

Steve Cross, Private Consultant, NRCS Tech Service Provider, Retired MI DNR


Recording Options for COVID Panel

MP4 or YouTube


There is not a PDF of this Panel


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Part Two - Presentations

Building and sustaining situational awareness – Clark McCreedy, USDI-Fish and Wildlife Service

Rx Fire Science: management and science needs for fire-prone Great Lakes ecosystems – Morgan Varner, Director of Fire Science and Senior Scientist, Tall Timbers Research Station


Combined Recording Options for McCreedy and Varner - MP4 or YouTube

Clark McCreedy (starts 00:19:00 and ends at about 00:46:00)

Morgan Varner (starts 00:51:27 and ends at about 01:35:50)


PDF of Presentations

Clark McCreedy Presentation

Morgan Varner Presentation


Reference Materials

Situational Awareness References from Clark McCreedy

Prescribed fire science: the case for a refined research agenda


Day Two - Wednesday February 3, 2021 from 9 AM to 12 PM Eastern

Presentations and Panel on Fire History in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region:

Climate and fire in the Midwest across millennia: What the paleorecord tells us - David Nelson, Associate Professor, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Applied historical ecology of fire from Michigan and beyond - Michael C. Stambaugh, Associate Research Professor, School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri

Role of frequent, widespread historical surface fires in Lake States pine forests - Jed Meunier, Disturbance Ecologist, WI DNR, Division of Forestry

Rethinking peatland fire: Fire history of peatlands in the Great Lakes Region - Colleen M. Sutheimer, Graduate Research Assistant, SILVIS Lab, Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Panel on Fire History in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region


Combined Recording Options for Fire History Session - MP4 or YouTube

David Nelson (starts 00:07:00 and ends at about 00:39:05)

Michael C. Stambaugh (starts 00:39:21 and ends at about 01:08:55)

BREAK (01:09:00 to 01:19:28)

Jed Meunier (starts 01:19:29 and ends at about 01:50:11)

Colleen M. Sutheimer (starts 01:50:12 and ends at about 02:16:32)

BREAK (02:16:33 to 02:29:25)

Panel on Fire History (02:29:25 to 03:01:18)


PDFs of Presentation

David Nelson Presentation

Michael Stambaugh Presentation (Not Available)

Jed Meunier Presentation (Not Available)

Colleen M. Sutheimer Presentation (Not Available)


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Day Three - Thursday February 4, 2021 from 9 AM to 12 PM Eastern

Presentations and Panel on Prescribed Fire Councils

Pennsylvania RX Fire Council - Jenny Case, The Nature Conservancy

North Carolina RX Fire Council Laurel Kays, NC State University

Northern California RX Fire Council – Lenya Quinn-Davidson, University of California Cooperative Extension

The Northeast and Midwest Regional Prescribed Fire Council - Jonathan Stober, Chair


Combined Recording for Prescribed Fire CouncilsMP4 or YouTube

Jenny Case (starts 00:09:35 and ends at about 00:27:18)

Laurel Kays (starts 00:27:34 and ends at about 00:52:20)

BREAK (00:52:44 to 01:02:36)

Lenya Quinn-Davidson (starts 01:03:12 and ends at about 01:26:18)

Jonathan Stober (starts 01:26:57 and ends at about 01:52:36)

BREAK (01:52:52 to 02:03:12)

Panel on Prescribed Fire Councils (02:03:13 to 02:49:10)


PDFs of Presentation

Jenny Case Presentation

Laurel Kays Presentation

Lenya Quinn-Davidson Presentation

Jonathan Stober Presentation


Reference Materials

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NE-Midwest Regional Council – State RX Council Survey Responses


For any questions please contact Jack McGowan-Stinski, mcgowan-stinski.1@osu.edu, 989-287-1734, or Craig Maier, cmaier.tpos.firescience@gmail.com